Technical Support for Websites

The key to stable and fast operation of any resource!

Cost of Website Support

The cost of technical support for websites depends primarily on their complexity and size.

Technical Support for a Business Website

This service entails regular monitoring of the availability and performance of the small business website, and prompt action when problems are detected.

Corporate Website Support

It is not uncommon for service sites to be hacked, spammed or injected with malicious code by competitors. Our experts will regularly check and update the security of your site.

Online Shop

Our experts will ensure the high speed and security of your resource, arrange for permanent data back-up and carry out any other necessary actions.

What does the price of website support depend on?

In addition to the size of the resource, maintenance costs will also depend on a number of other factors:

  1. The CMS chosen. Sites built on popular and proven platforms are usually much more reliable and easier to maintain than self-written projects. 
  2. Front-end work. Simply maintenance of sites will be cheaper than regular content updates and additions, checking the link profile and other related tasks. 
  3. Complexity of the task. It’s one thing to set up and regularly check the performance of a small site in a low-competitive niche. It is quite another to constantly fend off attacks and rebuild the site under constant pressure from other major resources.

Frequent Questions on Website Support

Below we have compiled the most common questions from our customers and tried to answer them in as comprehensive a manner as possible.

Website support includes a full range of work to ensure and maintain the performance of a resource on an ongoing basis. 

Our services range from maintaining websites on popular platforms such as WordPress, Bitrix, Tilde, etc., to maintaining self-written or lesser-known platforms. 

Depending on your needs, you can either order a one-off service with specialists to check performance and fix any errors, or opt for a subscription service. In this case, we will regularly check your site and answer any questions you may have. 

It all depends on the complexity of the task. Some simple issues can be resolved in a few minutes, while fixing complex errors can take several days of work by an entire team.

You can find out more about what is included in website maintenance in the continuation of the article or by consulting our experts. 

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What is Website Support

Website maintenance is a complex of all kinds of specialised measures aimed at ensuring the stability of the site. The whole range of website maintenance work is divided into two groups:

Technical Support

Information Support

Site Support - What does it Include?

Website maintenance and support consists of the correct organisation of work, which is divided into the following groups:

Support, Maintenance and Upkeep of Websites

Website support and maintenance contributes to the correct operation of the website, e.g. fast and high-quality opening of web pages, proper functioning of applications, display of graphics.

Site support and maintenance ensures that servers are maintained and new pages are added. Specialists include the following items in the service package:

  • ensuring the resource is running 24/7;
  • website maintenance;
  • design changes;
  • communication with provider;
  • backups;
  • provision of a personalised email service.

Informational Support for Websites

The timely updating of information, i.e. updates, has a direct impact on sales and the positive dynamics of any business area.

  • Visitors to a resource always aim to get complete and up-to-date information about a product or service, to maximise their understanding of what they will end up buying. Having this information facilitates contact with the potential customer, increasing loyalty and the likelihood of purchasing the product or service.

In addition, comprehensive and up-to-date information on the website allows you to spend less time consulting offline. The web site support package includes:

  • advising on website maintenance;
  • defining the target audience of visitors;
  • creating and publishing relevant material on the topic of the site;
  • updating of obsolete information;
  • modifying the content to suit the potential consumer.

It is common for owners of various resources to pass on the assistance of website maintenance to company employees, considering this task easy or unimportant. Such a decision leads to an inability to provide a high level of technical support and customer churn.

How much do Website Support Services Cost

Ongoing work with an internet resource, in particular website maintenance services, is a meticulous and multifaceted task that takes a lot of time and requires certain skills. The best option is considered to be the implementation of site support professional.

The cost of technical support site can only be determined individually, as all web resources are different, and depending on the type perform different tasks. Usually technical support is included in the package of services for promotion, respectively, is included in the cost of promotion. The cost of technical support as a separate service depends on the amount of information on the web resource and the frequency of work.

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