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What is SMM Promotion?

Social Media Marketing or SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. In essence, smm promotion is a set of methods for attracting leads to a website in order to make sales.

SMM marketing is now the most promising area of business promotion. It allows you to engage a large audience directly, at a relatively affordable price.

Cost of SMM Promotion

The cost of SMM website promotion primarily depends on the size of the business being promoted and the competitiveness of the niche.

SMM Promotion of Small Businesses

For small businesses with low competition, regular promotional posts are often enough to ensure a steady increase in followers.

SMM Promotion of Medium-Sized Businesses

In medium-competitive niches, it is no longer enough just to publish enticing posts. A more creative approach or paid advertising may be required.

SMM Promotion of Big Business

Social media promotion for a large company in a competitive niche should include surveys and giveaways, publishing not only advertising but also useful content.

What does the Price of SMM Website Promotion depend on?

  • The competitiveness of the subject matter. Many niches are already occupied by large companies with large numbers of interested subscribers. In such cases, you either need to prepare for serious work or look for related but less competitive niches.
  • Starting situation. In some cases, the brand or subject matter already evokes negative emotions in the audience. In such cases, SMM promotion will be more expensive than working from scratch or with a business that already has a loyal audience. 
  • List of work required. There are cases where the client needs only part of the promotion package. For example, only the administration of pages or the development of a content plan for a calendar month – then the cost of smm services will be lower.

Examples of SMM Website Promotion

Businesses we have helped create and promote social media profiles

Frequent Questions on SMM Website Promotion

Below we have compiled the most common questions from our customers and tried to answer them in as comprehensive a manner as possible.

In the age of social media popularity, SMM promotion is a must for any organisation or business that cares about its name and the face of its brand. 

Targeted advertising aims to sell a product or service directly, while SMM promotion helps to expand audience, reach, brand awareness and company image.

SMM promotion first and foremost increases your audience’s reach, visibility and brand credibility. Although SMM does not always have a direct impact on sales, building brand image has a positive effect on the growth of your customer base, which is bound to translate into sales in the future.

The cost of advertising on Instagramm varies depending on your goals and audience. The average cost per click is $0.03 to $0.5 or more. However, every case is different, so you’ll find out the final price after you’ve consulted our experts.

For more information on how SMM promotion works and where to start, get in touch with our experts or read the article below. 

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How to Promote Your Business Effectively on Social Media

The first thing to do is to contact an smm agency.

An SMM agency or SMM studio is a team of professionals in the field of both product-service promotion and brand or personal blog promotion.

Promoting with an smm studio has a number of advantages:

  • Significant time savings. A lack of understanding of how social networks work, let alone how to sell on social networks, leads to a lot of time and money spent on training. Help from the smm studio will save a few hours a day.
  • Faster results. Professionals have developed a clear algorithm for promotion, which allows you to achieve results in half the time, avoiding errors in the work.
  • Planning an smm advertisement. SMM advertising is a short ad with the addition of graphic or video content, accessible to the audience of a particular brand. Social media advertising is planned with many nuances in mind, from the time of display to the interests of the audience.
  • A contract as a guarantee of security. Turning to the agency, the client can be assured that the specified work will be done. The performance of the work is guaranteed by the signed contract.

SMM Promotion Methods - How it Works

SMM works as long as the objectives are properly defined and a comprehensive approach to achieving them is taken. The goals of smm depend directly on the format of the social media presence.

Basic SMM promotion formats for businesses:

The Format of Recognition

Involves communicating about the brand, building audience loyalty by providing a support service or placeholder for feedback and discussion. The aim is to promote the brand.


Характеризуется открытым предложением купить товар или услугу. Целью коммерческого формата являются продажи.


The most popular and complex format, which involves marketing a company's product and creating an image of a niche expert, popularising the brand. The aims of the format are recognition and sales.

Basic Terms in SMM

After defining the format of the presence and objectives, an smm promotion strategy is developed and a checklist is drawn up.

The smm checklist is a checklist that allows the marketer to check the work. Checking the work allows the marketer to identify ineffective methods of social media promotion and optimise the process.

Social networks are dynamic resources and are constantly growing and evolving. Along with the changes in the social networks are changing smm methods, except for a number of basic methods that have always worked.

Content. High-quality, interesting and relevant content is the basis for promotion. Here it is important to be serious about the uniqueness of the content and regularity of publications.

SMM optimization. Correction of the text content and structure of social networks according to the requirements of search engines in order to rise in the results of the output for certain search queries.

SMM targeting is the creation of targeted advertisements. It is divided into subtypes: geographic, socio-demographic, contextual and behavioural. It involves the formation of a unique selling proposition in the ad.

Advertising in communities. Involves buying a post or repost in a thematic community with a large relevant audience.

Opinion leaders. Mentioning a brand by a famous blogger who has a loyal following.

Contests in the giveaway format. A draw for a valuable prize if you do something simple, such as subscribe and repost an ad.

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SMM Promotion Service - Where to Start

An SMM marketer's collaboration with a client always starts with a brief.

The SMM brief is a questionnaire with questions to be answered by the client. The document is needed to determine the scope of work and develop an smm strategy. The brief should be as detailed as possible. It should not be too short or the marketer will not have enough information.

A good brief always consists of items in 3 categories:

  1. introductory (scope)
  2. target (objectives)
  3. financial (budget).

In most cases, the brief consists of 10 points and is designed in a simple document in the form of a questionnaire or a simple table.

SMM strategy is a plan for SMM promotion, without which you can’t do without. The strategy helps to define the goals and methods of achieving them, and to set the right priorities.

Ways to Promote SMM

Or Who can carry out SMM promotion services

  1. If the brand owner handles the social media promotion, the cost will be minimal, including only the cost of the advertising campaign. But in this case, it takes a lot of time and effort to learn new information and do the work. While the business owner deals with SMM, he is not engaged in the development of other areas.
  2. When a freelancer takes on the promotion, the cost will consist of the budget for the advertising and the remuneration for the work done. In this option, there are risks of unfair work. The contractor may screw up the company and simply will not get in touch. In this case it is better to immediately contact the agency, to carry out work on optimization.
  3. A professional approach to promotion. Services smm agencies will cost more expensive than the fees of freelancers, but the promotion of social networks will work a team of experts. The price is influenced by the format of the social media presence, the number of social networks promoted and the set of smm services.

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