SEO Promotion of Websites

A job aimed at long-term results!

What is SEO Website Promotion?

SEO promotion is a set of techniques, the implementation of which helps to increase conversions of the target audience to your website.

Cost SEO Website Promotion

The cost of SEO promotion of websites will depend primarily on the size and type of your resource: whether it is a small corporate website, an info-site, or an online shop.

What does the Price of Website Promotion depend on?

  • Regionality. Promotion of sites in Dnipro, Ukraine or around the world will vary greatly in complexity and the amount of effort required. 
  • Competitiveness of the niche. Complexity, and therefore the time and cost of promotion will depend directly on what competitors will have to circumvent.
  • Initial situation. Another important factor in the formation of price promotion of the site will be its starting situation. Much easier and faster to bring in the top already qualified and thoughtful site, than to carry out a complete optimization of an abandoned resource. 

Examples of How to Promote Websites to the Top

We have optimised websites that are already in the top positions for many queries.

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How does PROGAMMA Promote Websites?

Promotion methods are divided into universal and specific. Universal methods are relevant for all types of websites, including yours. Specific methods are used for certain types of sites.

It all depends on the specific niche. It happens that goods or services are not searched for in the Google and Yandex search results. In such cases, the promotion of the site ends with the basic technical optimization. In some cases, a content plan is drawn up to promote information queries (answers to questions, explanations of how to use the product, usefulness of the service).

Stages of SEO Promotion of Websites in Google

The first stage is an assessment of the work to be done. Your site will be analysed as a whole and in relation to competitors’ sites and themes. The analysis allows you to determine the cost of the work and formulate a strategy.

The formation of a semantic kernel involves selecting the most relevant keywords that make up the queries of search engine users.

Conducted to identify technical errors and obstacles in getting traffic. Mistakes may be: banal closures from indexing the main pages, a breeding ground of “trash pages”, duplicate Title, lack of header structure H… There are a large number of optimisation points, and individual technical tasks for specialists are prepared for them.

Linking within a website is done to increase the weight of pages that are important for promotion. In this way, search engine crawlers are prompted which pages to bypass more often. And do not forget about the convenience and clarity of the structure for the user. This wish is also taken into account when implementing links between pages.

A specialist will determine the user’s comfort level when using the site. See how long users stay on your site. If a person returns quickly to the search engine – the specialist will definitely suggest improvements to the usability of the site.

Conversion can be considered: the ratio of the number of customers to the number of all conversions to the website or the number of purchases in relation to the tracked traffic. Conversion rates can be different for a website and for specific stages of promotion. Quality website promotion increases the conversion rate.

Working to increase the conversion rate of your website may require a comprehensive approach and the involvement of a number of other professionals such as a marketer, smm-specialist, copywriter and include:

dealing with negative feedback;
the use of corporate social networks;
creating and setting up personalised newsletters with the inclusion of a trigger;
changing order forms;
introducing ways to track audience sources.

According to the audit, your website may be missing certain pages. In order to close this gap in optimisation, a specialist will suggest extending the structure of the site.

The number of pages a search robot can crawl through at one time is called the crawling budget.
Crowling budget work is important for large sites. Errors in the crawling budget lead to incomplete indexing of useful pages on your site, respectively reducing the overall traffic of the resource.

The method is relevant for highly competitive business niches. This includes building up the link mass of your website. The more trusted sources link to your site, the more interesting its content is in terms of search engines, and interesting content equals a high position in search engine rankings.

Frequent Questions About Promoting Websites on Google

Below we have compiled the most common questions from our customers and tried to answer them in as comprehensive a manner as possible.

The very first step in any case is a thorough analysis of both the site being promoted, the main competitors’ resources and the market as a whole. The analysis is followed by discussion and drafting of an overall promotion strategy.

Of course. The audit report gives an understanding of the market, the demand for products, the cost and feasibility of promotion, and the choice of the best channel to attract traffic. The report will also provide information on identified performance errors and usability problems, after which you can decide for yourself which way to go and what actions to take to promote the site.

The price includes the full range of services needed to successfully promote the site. These include:

strategy creation
collection of the semantic core
optimization of existing pages
Adding new sections as needed to increase visibility
monthly work on link building based on the strategy
monitoring the status of the site and respond quickly to changes in search engine algorithms
Consultation with a specialist on any matter of interest to you. 

Therefore, the price of site promotion is individual in each case. 

Not only you can, but you should. Specialists will help you find a domain with a good history, develop the right structure, and create SEO-optimised content to help your site get into a good position as quickly as possible. 

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