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Unique content is the key to sustained user and search engine interest!

The Cost of Writing SEO Articles

The cost of writing SEO articles depends primarily on the uniqueness and expertise of the finished text.


SEO article republishing
is the easiest and cheapest
service that is suitable
for quickly filling a website with unique content.


SEO copywriting differs from rewriting in terms of higher requirements for text uniqueness, expertise and SEO-optimisation (keywords, spam, nastiness, etc.)

Writing a
Sales Article

By commissioning the writing of sales articles, you'll get a great text that will engage the reader at a glance and compel them to take the required action.

What does the price of SEO copywriting depend on?

  • Volume of text. Of course, the price will primarily be related to the number of characters of the text required. 
  • Subject matter. On some topics you can easily find a lot of material on the basis of which to write a unique text. While other niches require detailed study of the specific product and information you have to collect literally piecemeal. 
  • The urgency of the order. The cost also depends on how quickly you need to get the texts ready. 

Examples of Writing SEO Articles

Living examples of the kind of traffic even small SEO-optimised articles can bring.

  • Length of the article: 3634 characters.
  • Traffic per day: 20 people.
  • Traffic per year: 4,000 people.
  • Length of the article: 2803 characters.
  • Traffic per day: 10 persons.
  • Traffic for 6 months: 1.64 thousand people.

Frequent Questions About Writing SEO Articles

Below we have compiled the most common questions from our customers and tried to answer them in as comprehensive a manner as possible.

First and foremost, the SEO text must cover the topic and fully satisfy the user’s query. Only if these conditions are met should it be optimised in terms of SEO.

The cost of writing a SEO article depends on the subject matter, number of characters, availability of a developed semantic core of the site, deadline, the need to write a unique text or rewrite, and many specific nuances. 

The time it takes to write a SEO article depends primarily on its length. An ordinary text of 3-5,000 characters can be completed in a day, while a longreads on a specific topic may take up to 3-5 days to be written. 

LSI text is an SEO text that contains almost no keywords in direct input. Such content is promoted by having as many words as possible in the article that are close to the subject. The text turns out to be natural and readable, there is a maximum of useful information, there are no “crooked” phrases, search queries still occur in the text in its natural form.

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What is SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting is the process of writing text material with an advertising component, seo article or presentation of specific information in text form.

Good seo copywriting is necessarily readable, that is, easy to understand by the user, and includes a set of topical keywords to rank at the top of the search engine results.

But seo copywriting is not limited to that. In addition to the visible text on the Web page specialist has to work on optimizing the elements of the page, which need keywords that are relevant to search queries. Page titles, meta tags, images and titles are usually in need of optimization. 

Writing unique articles for the web resource is subject to certain rules. And really good copywriting does not depend on the presence of the author’s creativity and artistic flight of fancy.

SEO copywriting demonstrates the most stable result of optimising web pages of any type of website. With the help of optimised text you can achieve high positions in search results for many keywords and retain the result long enough, even for some time after the search engine ranking criteria are changed, which happens quite often.

SEO copywriting is a dynamic process due to the constant evolution of search engines. Therefore, no optimised text will work forever, periodically it will have to be revised and rewritten under the new ranking criteria.

What is a SEO Article?

The rules for writing articles for a website always consist of the following points

  • Knowledge of the subject matter. Before you start working with a text, a professional copywriter always studies the topic to be worked with. He or she reads 10-15 resources, which occupy the top positions in the niche. Even if the copywriter is a subject specialist, reading is an important part of the process of creating new material.
  • Preparing the structure of the article. After getting the TOR from the seo-specialist, the copywriter prepares an approximate structure of the future article, which can be slightly changed and improved in the process. The planning does not take much time, but it is a very important part, as it helps to organize the working process and save up to 25% of the writing time.
  • The right headline. The right headline is a key part of a seo article, and accounts for 50% of success. A professional will never neglect the headline, because it is this element that determines whether the visitor will read on or just leave the page. The title should always convey the essence of the article, be relevant, not too long and short, attract attention and contain a key query. These are the main principles of constructing a quality headline.
  • Credibility of the information. SEO article is based only on true and thoroughly verified facts, speculation or fantasy author is not allowed, as well as embellishing reality. Only truthful information will have a positive impact on the company’s image and increase the level of customer loyalty to the goods or services of the resource.
  • Relevancy. The copywriter should know exactly for whom he is writing an article. At first glance it may seem that the article is written for the customer, but it is not quite true. The article is always written for the customer’s product consumers, that is, for the target audience. Ideal seo – article should always contain answers to questions the target consumer.
  • Readability. Text overloaded complex or unusual words, irrelevant facts, very long sentences, repetition of material difficult to read. Such text will not be interested in the potential consumer, in the consequence it is bound to leave the page.
  • Structured. Partly related to the structure of the text readability, or rather the presence of text structure affects his readability. Even a brilliantly written text without a structure automatically goes into the category of bad reader. Such an article can absorb only a few fanatically minded consumers. Therefore, the text is divided into paragraphs, lists, blocks and sub-headings.

It is important to remember that copywriting or a seo-article, just like an ordinary article, follows the principles of logic. It has a logical beginning, a topic and a conclusion.

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