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What is PPC Advertising?

A ppc (pay per click) advertisement is a type of advertisement in which payment is made for each click a potential consumer makes on a link that leads to a product page.

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The cost of setting up PPC contextual advertising primarily depends on the size of the site being promoted. After all, the larger the business, the wider the audience and the number of search queries will be.

PPC for
Landing Page

Since the page is designed for a narrow range of queries, setting up contextual advertising will take a minimum of time and effort. Consequently, it will not be expensive at all.

PPC for a Corporate Website

Our experts will compile a
comprehensive list of queries
that users may want to order
your services for, and bring your
website to the top of the rankings for these queries.

PPC for

Setting up contextual advertising
for large online shops is the
most difficult task, as such
resources are characterised
by a wide variety
of keywords.

What does the Price of Setting up a PPS Contextual Advertising Service depend on?

  • Page readiness. Pages that are initially well optimised can be launched immediately for advertising, whereas low-quality pages need to be refined beforehand to get the best results from advertising.
  • The specifics of the business. In some niches, the target audience and its interests can be clearly defined at once, while in others this may require long-term research.
  • Scale of advertising. It is one thing to set up a PPC for a single page and quite another to advertise an entire large website. 

Frequent Questions About Setting up PPC Advertising

Below we have compiled the most common questions from our customers and tried to answer them in as comprehensive a manner as possible.

The cost of setting up ppc advertising depends on the planned budget for the advertising campaign, the presence of a formed offer, the targeting carried out, the readiness of the landing page or page with an offer, and others. Based on this information, the specialist determines the timing and cost of setting up contextual advertising.

The price of the click itself varies according to the type of product and is often determined by the size of the competition, the time of display, the season, etc. The cost also depends on the quality of the page. A high quality ad lifts it up in the search engine and lowers the click price, as well as giving a good ROI. The minimum PPC click price is $0.01.

Visually, it is an advertisement consisting of a headline, a link to the website you are promoting, text describing the product or service and additional information about you – address, telephone number, opening hours.

  1. Targeting an audience that has previously been interested in your company, products or services and is now ready to place an order.
  2. Payment is not made for displaying ads, but for specific actions performed by the user.
  3. The ability to clearly indicate the characteristics of the target audience by age, country of residence, interests, gender, social indicators, marital status and other parameters.

You can find out more about how PPC works and is set up by contacting our experts or reading the article below. 

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PPS advertising is now one of the most convenient tools for attracting traffic to a page because of the close relationship between requests and consumer expectations.

ppc advertisements stand out by demonstrating a carefully calculated audience of potentially interested parties, which is not the case with television advertisements, for example. The ppc advertisements are placed on the Internet by search engines, which act as providers:

  • Google Ads
  • Yandex Direct
  • MSN Ads Center
  • Begun

Good performance as providers in recent years also give social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Clearly, seo ppc contextual advertising is more accurate and much lower in cost for the usual media advertising (radio, television).

Everyone used to talk about PPV, but now PPA and PPS advertisements. They are forerunners or hikers from PPC and have similar principles of operation.

For example, PPV (pay-per-view) is a type of pay-per-view advertising. That is, the advertiser pays for the user to see his advertisement. This type of advertising has become less popular since the advent of PPC. But it is still used to support brand image and quickly spread news about the company. Due to the nature of the business and products offered by different firms, marketers face the difficulties of pseudo-adverts, irrelevant traffic or too high prices for some keywords. Then experts switch to PPAs and PPSs.

PPA (pay per action) is a type of advertising that pays for a user’s action after viewing the ad. For example, for entering data into a website form or subscribing to updates.

PPS (pay-per-sale) is a type of advertising that pays a percentage of the sales of the advertised product. An expensive type of advertising does not always result in a large number of sales, but you have to pay a percentage of the sales that are made.

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How to set up PPC Advertising in PROGAMMA

Contextual advertising offers excellent opportunities for setting up sales, but requires some skill to ensure that the advertisement works correctly and does not go over budget. It is better to entrust the setting up of advertising to professionals.

PROGAMMA specialists carry out a step-by-step setup of ppc advertising:

  1. Analyse client’s business and competitors.
  2. Create a portrait of the target audience.
  3. Select the right type of business based on the analysis.
  4. Select relevant queries using Google.
  5. Keyword Planner or other planners.
  6. Set up targeting based on geolocation, interests and age of the target group
    Choose a market place and calculate a budget.
  7. Launch contextual advertising, auditing and evaluating their effectiveness with reports.

Sometimes the contextual advertising specialist ppc adds other items to the plan of setting up contextual advertising, it depends on the specifics of the client’s business or product.

Who Needs PPC Advertising and Contextual Advertising?

Contextual advertising will work best when there is a need to

  • to increase the number of buyers;
  • to generate interest or bring back all of the users who left;
  • reduce the reliance of marketing on organic traffic;
  • marketing hypothesis testing;
  • prioritise the development of a resource or product.

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